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Contact us for all your Computer related problems because we are the one stop computer solutions company in Durban. Whilst our Technical staff are located in Durban, Gauteng and Capetown all first level responses will be made to our Head Office in Durban and escalated to the relevant personel in each location. In order to assist you more effeciently we have 2 National Numbers which are billed the same regardless of your location. We also have strategically situated computer support associates in most of the larger towns in South Africa. Consequently, we can offer support to towns where we do not actually have an onsite engineer.

  Address PO Box 53208
Yellowwood Park
  National Telephone (not a cell)

087 808 8424
087 805 7074

  Technical/After hours Support 079 50 iwebz (49329)
  Support (1st Level)
  Call out request
  Shaun Combrink