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iWebz Computer Reseller Programmes are designed to assist the normal retail business to offer their customers services they do not otherwise provide. Although tailored for computer retailers, the Reseller Programme can be used by anyone to start their own business or even just to supplement their present income.

Some of the benefits…

  • Constant and Substantial earnings! you will earn profits every month for as long as the customer is still with us, this can amount to thousands of Rands a month on an ongoing basis.
  • No stock required, you can download all the application forms from our website so you never run out or have to request them.
  • Allows you to start your OWN business without spending any capital.
  • We do all the work and you get paid on an ongoing basis.
  • Free advertising for you on our website.
  • We refer clients from your area to you so that YOU benefit from those in your area, we do not poach clients.
  • Endless and growing number of potential new clients.
  • The prices of our services are some of the best in the country and therefore easily marketable.
  • Free technical advice for you or your staff.

We have four reseller programs. All of our programs are tried a tested and will make money for anyone who able to work on their own initiative.

  1. ISP Reseller in which you resell internet connections.
  2. Web Design & Hosting Reseller in which you sell Web Design and Hosting packages.
  3. Maintenance Package Reseller in which you resell our onsite maintenance contract.
  4. Combination Reseller in which you sell all three of the above packages.

All these services can be sold to companies or to private individuals. 

Fast and easy steps to becoming a reseller:

  • Decide which of our services you wish to be a reseller of.
  • Download the application for that reseller programme.
  • Complete the application and become an Authorised iWebz Reseller or contact us on 031 469 4090 or 087 808 8424 (this is a VoIP number and not a cell number).
  • iWebz will provide you with all the materials and information you'll need to start selling iWebz Internet Access and other services.
  • Complete the customer application forms with your customers(available on our website), make sure your Reseller reference is included, and when we receive our first payment from the new customer, you'll get paid.
  • As long as the customer remains on our database you will earn money

It is as simple as that!

Please read the following and decide which package most suits you

ISP Reseller (Internet Service Provider)

An ISP or Internet Service Provider is a company or organization that allows users to connect to the internet by connecting their computers using a modem/router through a  cable, or high-speed DSL circuit. ISPs typically charge a fee and provide in return, an email address, and some technical assistance (usually via email). An ISP has the equipment and the telecommunication line access required to have a point-of-presence on the Internet for the geographic area served.
iWebz provides two types of connections.

Firstly, we provide a 24-hour ADSL line which used to be suitable for businesses, but with the prices coming down, a lot of homes have found that this is a better alternative to analog. All the info for these two lines can be read on the ISP page.

Secondly, we provide a fibre optic line which is the fastest line in South Africa with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit (1000Mbps)

Download ISP Reseller Application

Web Design & Hosting Reseller

We have several packages for businesses to get an internet presence and all the info can be found on the Hosting page. Today not only businesses have web pages. Families use the web to keep in touch with family and friends ove or even just to show off their latest holiday pictures.

Download Web Design & Hosting Reseller Application

Maintenance Contract Reseller

i-Webz Solutions have a LABOUR FREE ON-SITE MAINTENANCE program which is like a medical aid for your PC. We provide this to the private and business sectors and find that this is the easiest to sell. For more information regarding this click to our Maintenance Contract page.
Download the Maintenace Contract Reseller Application

Combination Reseller

There is nothing preventing you from becoming a reseller of all three packages. If this is your choice then you can download the relevant forms.
Download the Combination Reseller Application

Once you have completed the forms and faxed them back to us for approval we will notify you as to the progress of your application within 48 hours. Applications may be faxed to 0866 944 154.