About SMS or Texting

Text messaging, also known more commonly as SMS, is most often used between private mobile phone users, as a substitute for voice calls in situations where voice communication is impossible or undesirable. In some regions, text messaging is significantly cheaper than placing a phone call to another mobile phone; elsewhere, text messaging is popular despite the negligible cost of voice calls.

Short message services are developing very rapidly throughout the world. In 2000, just 17 billion SMS messages were sent; in 2001, the number was up to 250 billion and 500 billion SMS messages in 2004.

SMS is particularly popular in the Europe, Asia (excluding Japan), Australia and New Zealand. Popularity in South Africa has grown to such an extent texting (used as a verb meaning the act of mobile phone users sending short messages back and forth) has entered the common lexicon. Young South Africans consider SMS as the most popular mobile phone application.

You can now send an SMS, and recieve straight from your computer at a fraction of the cost of using your cell phone. We provide you an SMSFactory to create and design your own SMS's. All you do is log onto your account and you have total control of all your own personal numbers. We assign you a password which you change in order to secure your own personal area in our SMSFactory

This web-based product, SMSFactory allows you to:

  • Send bulk SMS’s direct from your web browser AND receive replies
  • Merge your address book
  • Conduct history reports
  • Conduct bulk imports of contacts
  • Send SMS’s to individuals or groups directly to their mobile phone
  • And many advanced sending features

SMSFactory's interactive service is provided via a direct, dedicated link into the 4 local Mobile network operators. Let SMSFactory's Bulk SMS product help you with the following features:

  • Import or enter contacts and manage them into convenient groups
  • Personalize your messages
  • Monitor and analyse your messaging campaigns
  • Use the free two-way messaging, with reply messages sent directly to your Replies Inbox
  • Download history reports in MS Excel format
  • Market instantly and directly to your customers or group members, or alert them of offers, deals, meetings or changes in arrangements

Let the advantages of SMS Media grow your business:

SMS media is a highly effective channel, largely due to the fact that over 98% of SMS’s received are viewed. The high performance of the medium is based on the following unique characteristics:

  • A mobile phone is a more personal environment than direct mail or e-mail
  • SMS media has little commercial clutter and much higher standout
  • SMS campaigns can be targeted more precisely by a combination of demographics such as location, age, income, education, race and experience
  • SMS marketing is a relatively new medium
  • A SMS can be replied to any place, any time, within seconds
  • SMS's are automatically stored and can be referred to or used at a more appropriate time

Using the following username and password you can click here to take a tour of our SMSFactory

UserName:        iwebz guest

Password :         guest


  • 1 – 10 credits                                     50c each             
  • 11 -99 credits                                    45c each               
  • 100 – 499credits                               40c each               
  • 500 – 999 credits                              35c each             
  • 1000 – credits                                   30c each

Download the application form complete and fax/email back to us and we will create your account.