Fibre Internet


Internet Service Provider

Q: "What is ADSL?"
A: ADSL stands for Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line and is better known as Broadband. This connection is a permanent connection (24 Hour a day).

Q: "How do I get connected?"
A: All you need to do is contact Telkom and request that they install or convert your current line to an ADSL line. They will ask if you have an ISP, to which you answer "YES ". After which you contact us(or fill in the form) and we will set you up and be your ISP.

Q: "How much do you charge"
A: We have several packages, designed to cater for everyone, starting at ± R90 (Check our prices on the ISP page)

Q: "If I exceed my bandwidth limit can I still get onto the Internet?
A: No, but you can request your 'cap' to be increased by whatever amount suits you (from 1Gig upwards)

Q: "Do you offer support?"
A: Yes. Our technical support during office hours are 08:30 – 17:00 and after hours from 17:00 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday (we will soon be extending this to 24 Hours) 

Q: "How many email addresses do I get?"
A: You get 5 e-mail addresses, if you need more you can purchase them at R5 per email address.

Q: "Is the services countrywide?
A: Yes our services are countrywide which means if you move to another Province you do not need to change your ISP.

Web Sites FAQ

Q: "How much will it cost to have a Web site?"
A: Your Company can have a Website from as little as R150. Although many Web Design companies will have you believe that it is expensive to have a Web site, it is actually quite the opposite. We offer affordable prices for both the small and large business.

Q: "Will my business benefit from having a Web site?"
A: Internet presence is an addition to your present marketing philosophy. You must be aware that your Web site has also to be advertised and seen on the Net.

Q: "Can I claim tax back for my website?"
A: Yes, you can claim your tax back because a website is advertising!

Q: "Will people be able to find my website through a Search Engine?"
A: i-Webz Solutions will submit your Website to all the most popular Search Engines and design your meta-tag so that it will be found on the Search Engines. However having said this it is important to realise that thousands of other companies are submitting sites everyday all day, and your site will be found but maybe not on the first page.